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I want to welcome you all to my website and I am proud of you for taking the steps needed to start changing, rearranging and transforming your life in every way. Everything I am sharing on this website, like my articles, my videos, my views and philosophy about us as human beings, the amazing changes that are happening in the world and how we can design, create and manifest a better future for ourselves and the coming generations are my passion, my biggest hobby and my inspiration in life.

I have been able to change, rearrange and transform my life in every way and now I have transformed this site so it will be easier for you to access all the information on this site. The amount of information and knowledge that we have access to through the world wide web is limitless. We have all the tools, opportunities and possibilities to make radical changes in our own lives and the world in whole.

We just have to remember that we are the creators of our lives and we have to claim our own responsibility for how our lives are, the situations we are in and our circumstances. If we seek information and knowledge, we will find the solution to all our problems.

We Are The
Creators Academy

You can also sign up for my online course The Reevaluation Of Our Lives at We Are The Creators Academy. There I will guide you through the process of reevaluating your life, how to get out of your comfort zone and your social programming.

Mastermind Coaching

On my Mastermind Coaching – Membership site you will have access to a lot of information on how to change, rearrange and transform your life. How to get out of your comfort zone and how to start a successful home-based business.

Égzeus Belial
Luxury Lifestyle Coach

Égzeus Belial is an entrepreneur, a visionary, and a rebel. He has always walked his own path and has never adjusted or fitted into the normal or abnormal structure of our society. He has always searched for different ways of doing things. He has explored the world and lived in 5 countries.

The formal educational form or a 9-5 job has never been anything that has inspired Égzeus. He dropped out of school at a young age and has utilized self-education to the maximum. He has had regular jobs must mostly to learn a new trade and get experience from that for a limited time.

He studied massage and was a masseuse for a few years at his own company and later he was introduced to Network Marketing and that opened his eyes for different ways of living, working and traveling. Since then he has been involved in many online and home-based businesses as well as regular businesses. Gathering information, knowledge, and experience along the way.

I also want to welcome you to this journey we will take to improve our lives, our society and the world in whole. This course, The Reevaluation of Our Lives is a course that will help you reevaluate your life so you can change, rearrange and transform your life in every way.

This course is my message to the world and the transformation I would like to see in our society and the world in whole. My mission is to get this information out and help people apply it to their lives. I am very passionate about the matters I discuss in this course but alone I can only affect the lives of so many so for those of you who like the knowledge I bring to this course I would love for all of you to join me on this adventure and share it with others. Together we can create a ripple effect that will improve the lives of so many.

Topics we will cover in the course are:

Self Mastery
Luxury Lifestyle
Our Mind
Our Home
Our Education
Our Job
Our Economy
Our Associations
Our Body

On the Mastermind Coaching – Membership site you will get access to a lot information and knowledge on how personal development, how to break out of the comfort zone and our social programming, how to start an online business and how to design and create the life and lifestyle we desire and dream about.

Subjects we will go through are:

Personal Development
Network Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Online Courses

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