Becoming A Mythical Creature

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There is nothing more attractive than a person who has a certain vibe of mystery to them. We need to have that mythical factor that awakes curiosity in others as when they see all and know everything about us, their interest fades.

Good morning sunshine. What a glorious day it is to be alive and well. We are living in times of great technologies, the internet and of course social media. To say the least, our private lives are exposed to all and social media has become like a diary for many people.

On almost every site we sign up to we have to state personal details like name, where we are from, our relationship status, what we do for a living and so many other things. With the new apps on our phones, it is possible to pinpoint our exact location.

We can shut off some of those features but the service it provided helps us to stay more connected. We do not always have to give out all our information, we can put incorrect information or we can become an open book for everybody to see and know.

Many people nowadays are working online, have their home based business and some tend to get really personal, sharing every detail of their lives, how they feel and exactly what they are doing. I sometimes feel I found a private diary but it is there, out in the open.

Personally, I feel that it is too much information as I am just a person out in the world and I find that it is none of my business knowing some of these things. When people on social media are sad or angry because of something, I feel it is a private matter.

I used to be an open book and that had its consequences as I shared my life to people I could not trust. Today I am sharing a part of my life through my articles, videos, and personal coaching but I am only sharing my former experience and what I have learned from it.

I have also learned that what intrigues me the most are mystical things, things that have a certain vail over them that I can not see and do not know. I love people who give some but it is only the tip of the iceberg.

I love it when I meet a person who has developed a mysterious personality and through conversations, I get to peel them one layer at the time. Where each new layer gets me more curious about them so I want to know more.

We are living in a world where trust must be earned and we can not always believe in the best in people. We change by time and other people change by time. To get to know a person well, we need time to get to know them and allow them to get to know us.

There are so many parts of me and my life that no one has a clue about. Many people think they know me but that is only through their perception of me, according to their own lives and how they view me. I have been and am a very misunderstood person but that is the way I like it.

People may think what they want and people may say what they want but the important thing for us to know is that it has nothing to do with us. It does not matter how others perceive us and there is no one who can see the real us or know us as they are not us and have not gone through what we have gone through, seen it through our eyes or felt it with our feelings.

So why try to explain ourselves and hope that people will understand us? Any attempt to do so are futile and a waste of time and energy. Most often or in fact, in every case, it is best to agree on disagreeing.

The perfect way to become a mythical creature is to smile when people say they know us, when they are trying to get their mind around who we really are. The smile always get´s to them and it sends a very important message and that is that we allow them to think what they want but that they don´t know.

It is only when we try to explain ourselves we lose our power and become vulnerable as than the fight of opinions starts and that is a fight no one can win.

Let´s raise our standards and let´s enjoy the silence with the right people, people who accept us as we are. We are extraordinary and we are unique and there is no one who can put themselves in our shoes.

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