Becoming A Royalty

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Life is a constant search for improvement and every single day we have a chance to make different choices that will impact our lives today and thereby creating a better tomorrow.

I may be happy with my life but I am grateful for who I am and where I am in life but I am never satisfied. I have been able to change my life in every way and since I was able to get to where I am today, I know I will be able to go a lot further as long as I will keep on going and evolving myself as a person.

In my life, I have hit so many walls, I have made so many mistakes and I have failed time after time. I have failed in almost everything I have done in life but I have also had so many victories, victories that I never thought I could accomplish.

I have never been able to live a “normal” life, whatever a normal life is according to society’s standards. I have never been able to stay long at a normal 9-5 job. I have never been able to live in the same place more than a few months at a time and I always feel the need to keep on moving forward.

I have often wondered why I can not settle down and live life like “normal” people do because this kind of life can often become exhausting. Still, when I talk to “normal” people who live a “normal” kind of life, they say the same thing, it is exhausting.

I have been able to live quite an extraordinary life and it has been an adventure from my birth to the present moment. I am very curious at heart and I am a rebel in every way. I stand against our social structure in almost every way and I despise the social programming that we all endure.

But most importantly I have my own vision for my life and future and I have a vision for our society and how we can improve it for everybody. We all need our enemies as a symbol we don´t like and do not want to be a part of. We also need to have the opposite, our friends as a symbol of what we do want in life.

It is said that a man is not defined by the things he stands against but by the things he stands for, what his or her vision for life and society is.

I am a man of big dreams. I have a big vision for my future and the future of the world. My dreams and my vision do scare me to the core as my dreams and vision mean that I do have to make drastic changes in my life and lifestyle and I will have to reach a lot of people with my message to be able to create the ripple effect in our society so my dreams and vision can become a reality.

As John Lennon said, “You may say I am a dreamer but I am not the only one”. I know that there are more people like me out there who share my vision of a better world. People may say I am crazy for having such high standards when it comes to life and our society but I always say that people are crazy for not having high enough standards when it comes to life and our society.

We are all born unique and extraordinary and we are all born as royalty, we are born as divine beings. We are all capable of being, creating and doing so much more than we are currently doing.

We are all the creators of our lives in every way. We are all omnipotent but we forget who we really are as we endure the same social programming and all believe the same lies we are told.

We are brought up in fear of being who we really are, of being our true self and we are taught to conform and be like everybody else. We need to rise up to our full potential, design and create our own persona in every way and create the life and lifestyle we deep down desire with all of our heart.

We need to break the old habits and traditions of our society to make lasting changes that will benefit us all and the coming generations. We can only live this life once and we only have one chance to create a better legacy for our children. So let´s make the choice today to become royal and create the right kind of life and lifestyle to sustain it.

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