Are You Ready To Step Up?

There is always a way and it is always our choice if we are ready to step up our game and manifest our dreams and desires into reality. The only perfect moment we have is right now, the present moment.

A good a beautiful day to you all, my fellow earthlings. I have had so many great ideas thought my life and if I would have acted upon them right away, I would be a multimillionaire right now but, well, I am not.

We all have amazing ideas and we all have the drive to make it all become a reality but you know what, we all have a tendency to postpone things. We all think that we will do it later and we are all waiting for the perfect moment but the perfect moment will never come.

The only perfect moment we will ever have is the present moment, the right now moment. I have a lot of projects that I have been working on that are coming to fruition but they might have come to fruition a lot earlier if I had stepped up earlier to make it all ready before.

It is said that we should do something today that will make our future self happy but we often delay things and today we wish we had started earlier as today we found out that we could have made our lives today a lot better if we had followed through on our vision to today.

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It is very nice today to postpone something until tomorrow as then we don´t have to do anything today to tomorrow only leads to a town called Nowhere.

Our lives today have nothing to do with our past as we are not the same person as we were yesterday. The future has nothing to do with our today and we are not there yet. Our past has influenced us to become the person we are today but we always have the choice to let go of our past influences and the future is determined by our actions today.

We are the creators of our lives and our view of the past is our creation. If we feel that we are inadequate, it is our choice. If we feel we are not worthy of a better future, it is our choice. Today is the day for us to stand up and step up our game to make our past count and create an amazing future for ourselves.

Our past is most often a series of mistakes and our future will be a series of mistakes but it is up to us to face our mistakes, learn from them to improve ourselves. If we do not make any mistakes we will not be able to reach happiness and we will not be able to have the success we want in our lives.

I would like to say that the more mistakes we make, the better. If we don´t make enemies on our journey through life, we are not doing anything remarkable or important. The further we go from the average kind of life, the more mistakes we make, the more enemies we make, we are on the right track.

We all have our social programming to blend it, fit in and conform to the normal or abnormal structure of society but the only way to get ahead of others, to escape the mediocrity, we need to step up and do something others are not willing to.

I look at my enemies as my best friends as they show me that I am on the right track. My friends may support me while I make my mistakes and in my success but when we are on the same frequency as the majority we need to reevaluate what we are doing.

We need to bring something special, unique and extraordinary to the table for people to notice us. If we want success we need to become different from the rest. We need to stand out and we need to step up to who we really are and who we really want to become.


We have to be ready to risk it all to gain it all.

Égzeus Belial
Luxury Lifestyle Coach