I Do Give A F!!!

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When we say we don´t give a f!!!, we really do give a f!!!!. When we use this term only shows that we have an opinion about it and that we have made up our mind but the answer is what we say it is.

As human beings we are passionate creatures and we are all opinionated about most things and when we say we do not care less, is just a matter of wordplay and sometimes only means that we have no interest in partaking in whatever the matter is about.

Sure, life is made up of opposites where we have one extreme on one side, we have one extreme on the other side and we have everything in between, even the middle. The middle is more like a nonchalant where we have not really formed an opinion about the matter but when we have informed ourselves about the subject at hand, we lean to one side of the opposites or the other.

We should give a f!!! about everything in life, about everything that concerns us and we should become informed about almost every aspect of life. We have been raised in a society where we are told what to think but now how to think. We have been programmed by society what is right and what is wrong, what is acceptable and what is not but what do we think?

Do we agree with it as that is what we were told we should or have we really formed our own opinion about it? It is easy to say yes or no when it is popular but telling the inconvenient truth when people want to hear the comforting lie is a different matter.

Conformity is a dangerous thing as then we try to blend in, become a copy of everybody else, think and be like everybody else. Conformity is the path to mediocrity but none of us are born mediocre. We are all born as unique and extraordinary beings but then we adapt to the normal or abnormal structure we have around us.

We really should give a f!!! about our lives, our surroundings, our society, our town, our country and the world. We are all living on one planet, planet earth and we are all brothers and sisters. The only division we have in the world is the one we have in our mind, the one we have been programmed with.

Children are not racist. Children do not know the difference between black, white, red or yellow but later they are taught the difference. Children do not think about sexual orientation or are judging, to them it is just life. Children do not know the difference between being poor or rich, we are the ones that teach them that.

Is there injustice in the world? Yes, and we should give a f!!!. Is there discrimination in the world? Yes, and we should give a f!!!. Is there pollution in the world that can destroy the future for the coming generations? Yes, and we should give a f!!!.

We can and we have been sitting on the sidelines, allowing things to happen and we often hide behind the saying that we do not give a f!!! but we do. Fear of what others might say or think is what keeps us from speaking our passion and our truth.

We all want to create a better world for our children and the coming generations but we think we can wait for others to take the steps needed to make the change happen or we may think that we can let our children face it later and change it themselves.

We all want to live our lives to the fullest, be happy and without regret. We all want to leave a legacy for the coming generations so we will be remembered for the good things we did. We all want so much but how much are we doing to make that reality become true?

There are a lot of great improvements happening in the world. There is a great awakening going on in the world but when we all claim our responsibility and take action, these changes will happen faster. We are the creators of our own lives and we are all co-creators of our society and the world. Let´s make it happen….

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