It Is Time To Grow Up

It Is Time To Grow Up

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Well, well, well. The time has come to grow up but I have always lived by the term that we should not grow up as it is a trap.

But what is the true definition of being a grown up? By my dictionary as a person that has lived in some kind of Peter Pan world where being a grown-up means that life has ended. When I say that life has ended I mean that often when we are grown ups we have left the world of imagination, left a place of adventure and have entered a life where life is what it is or things are what they are.

So I have struggled to stay away from the grown-up part of my life. I have tried my best to stay adventurous, not taking on too much responsibility and having fun.

But I have realized that we can and need to combine these two aspects in our lives, being a grown up and living in the Peter Pan world. Life is not just what it is and things are not just what they are.

As children, we have a vivid imagination where everything is possible but when we are grown we tend to lose our imagination and get stuck in a mindset where everything is stagnant and we become less flexible in our life.

I have had my days of being grown up, taken on my responsibilities and I have always felt it was boring so I have created a life and lifestyle where I have been able to do almost whatever I have wanted to do, moved to places where I wanted to live and done things that I have wanted to do.

It may be because I have entered a certain age now that I feel that I want more structure in my life, more stability and more security like where I am gonna be in the next month or two. Still, I do not want to lose my freedom of being where I want to be when I want to be there or losing my ability to do what I want to do when I want to do it.

So I am at a certain crossroad in my life where there are two parts of me that are fighting. I may be known for not making my life too easy for myself but I have been able to do and experience more than many, if not most people have done.

Most of us are aware of and in my experience time flies by so fast and right now I want a change. Right now I feel the need of a secure base to live from, to have a place I can call a home. A home has never been high on my list of priorities as I always want to keep on exploring but now I want a place where I can have all my stuff in one place and maybe have more than the things I have in my luggage hehe.

I see a vision of a beautiful home in which I have furnished and decorated by my own wants, needs, and desires. I am looking for financial security where I have a country that I reside and feel I want to belong to. I want the stability of having my home office in one place and not being on the road all the time.

Well, all that might seem nice but still, I feel that is not enough. I am not the person that will be able to stay in one place all the time as a grown up and keep my childhood fantasies alive as I also want to stay in the Everland dimension.

I was in Tavira, Portugal this last summer and I thought I loved the heat and I used to love the heat but it was too hot. Now I am in Vancouver, Canada in December and it is too cold like I knew it would be.

I am a nomad and I don’t like labels. I do not see myself as a citizen of any certain country, I see myself as an earthling. I do not follow any religion, my church is earth itself and my religion is kindness. I do not see myself in any color, I see myself as a human. I may be a man but the definition of a man is always changing, especially in these last years. Am I a macho man, metro man or whatever, I don’t know. All I know is and I try to be a gentleman.

As a humanitarian, rebel and a freedom fighter, whatever that may mean I feel I want to be able to live for a few months of the year, the summertime in a climate that is suitable to my needs and wants. Then to live a few months of the year, the wintertime in a climate that is suitable to my needs and wants at that time.

But I have realized that I need to grow up and be responsible for my actions and life to be able to make it all a reality. Still, I need to maintain the balance between these two worlds, the stagnant world of the grown-ups and the childhood fantasy of being young forever.

I have entered a new era in my life, a new domain or a new dimension where I will be able to combine the best of both worlds or the best of it all.

I will keep on experimenting with my life all the way to the end of days. I will design and create the perfect life and lifestyle for myself as I am the creator of my life and lifestyle, I am the creator of my own reality.

We are the creators of everything in our lives and we always have a free will to create our lives according to our wants, needs, and dreams. We just need to be brave enough to make it all a reality.

All my best wishes to you and if you ever feel you want to or feel the need to have a personal mentor to guide you on your journey to a new life and new ways you can always book a first free session with me in my Mastermind Coaching program.

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