It Is Time To Wake Up

It Is Time To Wake Up

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I can just imagine that this article will relate to many of you out there and I must admit that the message I bring here is an important one.

I as many of you, if not all, have been playing small. I have been playing below my level of capabilities and specialties. I have wanted to be more and have more. I have known that I can be more than I pretend to be and I know that I have been able to accomplish more than I have done.

We are unlimited in every way but have been taught and programmed to believe that we are small. We are extraordinary but have been made to believe that we are ordinary. We are all unique but have been formed into being copies of each other.

Every time I start to feel satisfied with who I am and where I am in life, when I am complacent with my situation in life, I know that I have reached my peak in my personal life and business and that it is time to press on to the next level.

Through our lives, we will develop our personality and character many times over and in actuality, we are changing every day and every second. People who know me know that I don´t make life too easy for myself as when I have tried something or reach a certain level I move on to a new experience to grow even further. I am always pushing myself closer and closer to the edge and that is what makes me feel alive.

The day we stop learning, stop growing and stop exploring new frontier is the day we will die and sadly some have their spiritual death long before their body expires.

One thing that I love about life is that we have a clean slate every single day and every single second. Every day we can die to our old self and be reborn again. These last few days I have been going through a period like that, a period of a reevaluation of who I was, who I want to be and who I am.

It kind of feels like a depression and I shut down, get withdrawn and I isolate myself. Tears come running down my cheek for no reason at all as it seems but I have learned that there are no tears of sorrow or sadness. These are tears of goodbye, a similar kind of feeling when we are saying goodbye to an old friend. A friend we have known all our lives and have become a close part of our lives.

I have realized that this happens when I have reached a certain level and learned something new and am about to change myself and my life from within. We could say it is similar to when a caterpillar is making its transformation into a butterfly. It is also like when we are born, it is said that coming from the womb and entering this world is the single most shocking experience we will ever experience in our lives.

Every transformation is difficult and that is why we often are too afraid to transform ourselves and take the steps needed to change and make the transformation we need a reality. The fear of the transformation will often create depression because we get stuck between levels. We have finished our mission at one level but do not take the leap to the next one and we are left in a stage where we shut off, get withdrawn and isolated.

We don’t want to say goodbye to our old mindset, our old habits and our old way of being. We are too afraid to let go of who we used to be, even though we were not happy where we are so we stay the same.

It is time to wake up. It is time to wake up to who we really are at this moment. Wake up to the changes we need to go through to make the transformation into a new better life and wake up to the unlimited potential we have and the enormous capabilities we have within ourselves to become all that we could ever dream about and desire.

Let’s wake up to our extraordinary abilities to manifest everything we put our mind on.

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