Let’s Start Circumventing Old, Outdated Systems That Are Dying

Let’s Start Circumventing
Old, Outdated Systems
That Are Dying

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Hello, all you beautiful people.
This is
Égzeus Belial,
your luxury lifestyle coach.

I want to talk to you now about our individual freedom. The thing is like with our governments, banks, all these situations, all the rules, and regulations. They are tightening all the rules and regulations, they are limiting our freedom and resources that we have to be free individuals and to enjoy life.

I have been watching and following the presidential campaign in the USA now and I get the same feeling as when I see the presidential campaigns in my country and the governmental campaign and everything. I get that silly feeling, that uncomfortable feeling, it is like we are in the kindergarten. The bullshit, the promises and the things they are saying and nothing changes. Like with the banking system, they are putting more regulations and the banking system, our modern financial system is collapsing, all the debt and everything. It is said that soon there will be another financial collapse.

We are too busy counting on other people to create our freedom, to create our lifestyle, to create our dreams, to make everything perfect for us. Thing is that we are so excited about the campaigns, for the government’s, presidential campaigns and everything that we forget that nothing will change in the system unless we change the system. Unless we start to circumvent the norm of that crazy system. We can never expect them or others to improve our lives or change our lives.

They will never have our best interests at heart. They will only serve their own self, their own organizations and people who are buying them. As we see, they are tightening up our freedom with their rules and regulations and we have to circumvent it. We have to create our own freedom, we have to create our own opportunities, we have to create our own banks. Like with digital coin and digital currency. Because if we keep on trusting them to do what we need then all of a sudden we will become more slaves than we are today and that is something we do not want.

So we need to take action today to start designing and creating our freedom, our life, and lifestyle in every way. Create our own income, create our own banks like with digital currency. We have to put different claims on the health system, the banking system is dying, the governments are dying and it will be a slow, painful death if we allow it to go it’s own way and we keep on putting our effort into it. But we can make it a quick, sudden death, painless if we start to circumvent it and create our own system, create our own opportunities, create our own income and create our own freedom in every way.

We are free people and we should be independent but we are so dependent on these crazy people, selfish people who are only thinking about their own needs and wants and how they can control us in every way. So we should forget about that, we should be self-centered and think about our own needs, learn how we can create the things we need in our lives ourselves. Like with health, money, and everything.

So just start thinking for yourself and start taking care of yourself. That is all I want to say today and I will write more about it later.

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Best regards.

Égzeus Belial
Luxury Lifestyle Coach

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