Life Is A Wonderful Gift

Life Is A Wonderful Gift

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I am sitting here at my favorite restaurant in Malmö, Piccolo Mondo. Just enjoyed wonderful dinner, a pizza called Ai Fungy and a glass or two of red wine. Yesterday I made the big announcement that I have burned all bridges behind me, closed all doors that can lead me back to my old ways of life. There is nothing that will make me accept the life I once lived.

Sitting here makes me even more sure of my decision and makes me even more determined on the things I want in life, the life I want to live and the lifestyle I envision myself living. I can see it all so clearly and I have all the plans I need to get there. But as the saying goes “the plans were useless but the planning was invaluable”.

It is also said that failing to plan things is like planning to fail. Sitting here, seeing my plans and thinking about how much my plans have changed the last few weeks and the last few months. Thinking that a year ago I had no plans. Seeing the change in myself and the way I think now is incredible. The way I have changed and how sometimes I hardly even know myself.

A determined mind is a mind that will go all the way. A persistent ming is a mind that will never stop or give up, no matter what. Having an open mind, being able to see all the possibilities that are out there is a mind that will never see hardship or failure as hardship or failure. It only sees it as a progress, a way to learn more and a way to evolve.

Sitting here, surrounded by people who are enjoying life, enjoying good food, enjoying the sun and the heat makes me feel so grateful for all the things life has to offer. Every day there are more opportunities that can bring so much abundance to our lives. We just have to be ready to see it.

Right now I have five ways to earn money, five ways that could produce residual income. There is only one way that it won’t become a reality and that is if I don’t do what I have to do to get there. I have a choice, to do or not to do, to be or not to be. These are five easy things I need to work on, they all coincide with each other and they are all promising. So it all depends on me if I am ready to put the groundwork into play and put the hours I need to make it a reality.

I have learned to eliminate the mindset that I am the best and that I have to do everything. I realized that alone, nothing will happen. I would be wasting my time and money. But I have learned to let go of the ego and that I have to allow others to partake in this mission, teamwork. To allow others to join this project, to outsource some things and to make it a global environment.

I have opened my mind to that I am only a one man, with limited time, limited resources and limited knowledge. To be able to make my dream come true, to have the effect on the world that ai want will require cooperation from many minds, masterminds who share the same vision.

Well, sitting here at my favorite restaurant, enjoying life has really a positive impact on me. We should never forget to enjoy life.

Take care and enjoy all life has to offer

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