May The Force Be With You

May The Force Be With You

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Our mind is the strongest force there is in the world and all we need to do is to learn how to use that amazing tool.

Like with every other tool and everything in our lives we all need to learn how everything operates. If we want to play piano, we have to learn how to play it. If we want to be a surgeon, we need to educate ourselves to know what we are doing. If we want to become a computer hacker we need to know how everything works and functions.

Our brain and our mind are like a muscle. If we want to strengthen our body and our muscles and get fit, we can not start with the heaviest weights and we can not run a mile right from the start. We need to practice and we need to give it time. We can learn anything we would want and we can accomplish anything we desire but it all takes practice and time to strengthen our muscles, our skills, our knowledge base, our mind and our inner power, the internal force we all have within us.

Our mind is the controlling force in our lives. What we think will become and is our reality. No matter if we believe it or not, we are energy beings. Every cell and atom in our body is made up of energy. We are all connected through energy and we are connected with everything around us and the whole world.

When we think in a negative way, we will attract negative vibes that will enforce the negativity in our lives. When we think in a positive way, we will attract positive vibes that will enforce the positivity in our lives.

When we feel insecure about ourselves and have doubts that we are capable of manifesting our desires into reality, we will never be able to bring it into our lives. These insecurities, doubts, and fears are just an illusion, a mentality that we for some reason have adopted along the way. Because we at some time in the past failed or heard negative feedback about our circumstances we started to believe it and we have made it a reality.

I am very interested in hacking. I have always thought that computer hacking is such a great skill set and I believe we can do so many great and positive things with it. At the moment my skillsets in computer hacking are not adequate enough for me to do anything in that department but I am also very interested in mind hacking.

Mind hacking is something that I have been doing all my life, experimenting with my life and exploring my limits to find new ways of being, thinking, and living.

I have found that our mind is in so many ways just like a computer and most of us have an old software running in our mind. We have viruses that are holding us back and is making our mind running slow.

Like with a computer we sometimes need to clean out our hard drive, clean the slate and install a new better software. We always have a choice in what we are thinking about, what we focus on in our everyday lives. Even though our everyday habits are often running on autopilot and spring from our social programming, we can change our habits and reactions according to new thoughts, information, and a changed mindset.

We are stronger than we could ever imagine. We are more powerful than we could ever dream of and it is all a matter of making a decision to learn how to use this force to rise up and become all that we can be and are.

There is nothing that can stop us unless we allow it to. We have no stronger adversary other ourselves. When we step up and make a decision to make it all the way. When we become determined that we are the creators of our lives, learn to bring up the enormous power we have within our mind, our psyche and become the extraordinary beings we are.

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Best of luck while finding your inner power.

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