Money Is The Root Of What We Want

Money Is The Root Of What We Want

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Some say that money is the root of all evil but I disagree in every way. I would say being poor is more root of all evil. When we don’t have money we have trouble being able to pay for a home, food, clothes and more and we are not able in any way to support ourselves, our family, friend or loved ones.

Being rich or poor is not just a question of how much money we have but it is also a question of our mentality. Some are rich in their minds and are able to earn the amount of money they desire and to able to help others with their money. While others have a poor mentality but are able to earn the money they desire but don’t use it to help others.

Then we have people who are rich in their minds but don´t have any money. Still, they are able to help others in other ways than with money. They enrich other people lives with their presence. Then we have people with a poor mentality and are poor and treat others poorly.

Money is energy, a state of mind. It depends on if we believe we can have all the abundance we want or if we believe we can’t have the abundance we want. So we need to change our view of money and what money really is. To know that money itself will not bring us happiness. There are a lot of unhappy millionaires and there are a lot of happy people with less money.

Money and happiness are two different things. The important thing is how we use the money we have. Do we use it to enrich our lives and those around us or do we get greedy and paranoid? It is very individual how we react to riches.

So we also need to carefully think about how we use our money and where we keep the money. I am very tired of the conventional banking system. It has been proven time after time that regular banks cannot always, if ever, be trusted. We can see the collapse of the financial system.

I am originally from Iceland and there the people are still in a lot of financial problems and the government is not doing anything to help the people. They said they were gonna regulate the banks more but that has not become a reality. The banks there are showing incredible profits, more than ever but still, they are milking the people dry because of problems that the banking system created.

So I have been looking for different ways, better ways to store my money. I want to be able to keep my money in a safe place but a legal place. I want to be able to pay my taxes and all but not be in cooperation with a corrupt system that is outdated and has been proven not to work.

I have been looking into online banking, online payment services and banking services that are there to help us keep the money without it costing too much and not too many regulations nobody understands. Where it is easy, comfortable and trustworthy.

As I am an affiliate marketer, promoting other people’s services and products. I will soon also launch my online course and products I have been looking deep into the marketplace for a company and service that I feel I can trust to make online payments and receive online payments.

In my search, I found a site called Skrill. I had heard about it before but I had never checked it out but the other day I made a little research about it and there I found a lot of things that I had been looking for. There we can send and receive online payments in a very secure way, we can get a prepaid Mastercard and for me, a very important thing is that we can become affiliates with that company. Meaning that we can earn money just by using Skrill to pay and be paid and by letting others know about it and if they use it. We can earn money by promoting it and get revenue from all transactions from those we referred. In that way, we can help each other earn an extra income while enjoying the benefits of a secure payment system.

Imagine having a safe place to drive our business, may it be for our personal matter or business matters. And earn a side income at the same time. I don´t know about any conventional banks that offer that kind of deals. Think if our local bank would pay us if we would recommend them to our family and friends. That we would be working together to make the bank a better place where everybody would be profiting from it, not just the bank.

As you have probably figured out, I am an affiliate with Skrill and if you sign up I will earn money. But I want you to be sure that I am not just promoting them to earn money. If you have read any of my articles then you can see that I want to see a different world order, where we all work together and where we all can make a good living. Where we are all profitable.

We all want a little more, we all need a little more income to be able to enjoy life, not just to be able to live. We need a different financial system and we need to change the system. We can only change the system when we stand up and circumvent the old, outdated system.

I have often been tearing my hair out because of the regular banks and I have spent a lot of time trying to find a different solution. Even though Skrill is not a bank, it is a reliable online payment service where we can get a prepaid Mastercard from, we can link our personal credit cards to our Skrill account and we can link our bank account to it. The great thing is that when we need pay or accept payments we don’t need to give out our personal bank account details which means we are safe from giving out too much information. Skrill has a 24/7 hour security team to oversee that everything goes smoothly and is secure.

I will only recommend things I trust and I will only write about things that I am thinking about. If I don’t like things you will know about it and if I like things then I really like it.

I want to see a change in how we look at money, how we spend the money we have and how we are able to invest and earn more money. Having enough money is more about the lifestyle it brings us, the freedom. Like I said before, money does not bring happiness but how we decide to use the money is most important. How we think of life and the abundance that having enough money can bring.

Having our own business, a home-based business can bring us the freedom we all want. To be able to work from wherever we want. Being able to visit the vineyards in Toscana and enjoy, still be able to work at the hotel, the beach or on the airplane, sitting first class. To be able to do all that we need to change our mind, our mindset and our daily habits.

So my question to you is simple.

What do you want?
What kind of life do you want?
What do you dream of?

Write it all down and make a goal how to get there. Set a plan and put it into action, right now.

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Best regards.

Égzeus Belial
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