Multiple Personalities

Multiple Personalities

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Are we all a bit schizophrenic?

We are all a bit schizophrenic and we all have multiple personalities in some way. We all have our own dualities within our personality. Everything in nature is build up of two extremes and everything in between

We can not have one without the other. Opposites are needed for us to experience it. Without an opposite side, we can not feel or appreciate it. Like we only know what cold feels like because we have also felt the heat. We can only know light because we have seen the dark. We only know high because there is also low. We can only know that we are happy because we have felt depression.  We can only know a man is a man because there is the opposite sex, women. We can only know peace because there are wars.

We have these extremes on the opposite sides to know the difference. It is natural and it is nature’s law. We can not experience anything if we have nothing to compare it with. We have it all within us as well.

Good and evil exists within us as well. We can not be good without knowing the evil within as well. We can all do bad things if we are driven far enough. Some say they can never kill another person but when I ask them if someone would break into your home and threaten their family. If they would have to defend themselves or their loved ones from a person who is gonna kill them, would you not kill them in self-defense and there was no other choice. Of course we would.

But we know right from wrong. We know right because of wrong.

But we also have dualities in other matters in life. We often change our mind on different matters, according to new information. One day we really don´t like a certain person or a certain company. Then we hear, read or find the information we did not know before and we see things from a different viewpoint that sheds another light on the matter. We then become curious about the object we did not like and we start to appreciate it in another way and we start to like it, even love it.

Love can turn to hate and hate can turn to love. Indifference can turn to an obsession and vice verse. We may love one kind of meal, then all of a sudden we feel that it is not what we want. We are multiple personalities, we are flexible and we are always changing our mind.

Sticking to a word or sticking to a person can be harmful. If we get hurt because our loved one once said they loved us but now they don´t. Every day, every second we are changing, we are growing and we are evolving. A couple can be the happiest couple at the start but little by little they start to grow apart. A couple that has grown apart can rekindle the spark with the right attention. It is a choice.

We should and we are like water, we are flowing down the stream. There is nothing that will stop the water from flowing. Rivers have cut their way through solid rock and formed the landscape. Water is always moving and is always changing. Changing everything that comes in its way. Water gives life and water nurtures everything. Without water, there would be no life.

We are like water, we are always moving, we are always changing and we do affect all and everything that comes into our lives. We are alive, we are energy that lives. We are not a rock. We can change our minds and we can change our environment. We can meet new people, we can move to another city or another country. We can get another job or start our own business. We can leave our old life behind and start from scratch.

We are multiple and we are diverse. We are extraordinary and we should learn new things. We should travel and explore new sides of life. Life has too much to offer for us to stay the same. We have an incredible spectrum of feeling and emotions. We have a wide spectrum of options to experience and we are free to be adventures.

Why make up our minds that we should stay the same and stop growing, learning and evolving. If we don’t make these changes ourselves then time will change us anyway. Change is inevitable and certain.

Why not go with the flow and look at our lives as multi-dimensional? Why not set the sails for new adventures? Why not be an explorer who discovers life in every moment, every situation in life.

We were given this amazing life with all of its miracles. Imagine all the miracles it took to bring you into the world, all the little things it took to create life. We are not the same as we were when we were born and we will not be the same when we are old. But we are alive.

As my favorite saying goes “The things we regret are the things we never did”. When I grow old I don’t want to be a grumpy old man. I want to be that cool old guy who is always telling everybody all the stories of all the things I have done and experienced. I don’t want to be the man who is always thinking “Ohhh, I wish I had done that, why did I not do that”. I will be the man who thinks “Wow, that was amazing, one of the coolest things I have ever done in my life”

I don’t want to wear a frown, I will wear a big smile.

We all have a choice about the extremes in our lives. We have the opposite sides and we have everything in between. We don’t need to be extremists but we should be exceptional. We should live life in a way that sparks joy in our everyday being. We should be those who people love to be around and people love to tell stories about.

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